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“I started working with Joe as I was developing a clear vision for my business. I love the way he takes a holistic approach to coaching because it helped me to see how my life was out of alignment between my person, professional, and business life. I couldn’t move forward because of issues I needed to work through first to open space in my mind to know the correct direction. Sessions with Joe continue to help me refocus and stay on track. Through having Joe as a coach, I’ve realized I will never live without having a coach in my personal/business life. I think everyone should have a coach like Joe who looks at the whole vision of life and not just the business.” 

“Hiring Joe Fetzer was one of the best decisions that I could have my made for my personal and my professional life.  Before I started coaching with Joe, I was lacking clarity and vision for the next step in my business.  As a business owner, mom, wife, and support system to countless others, I needed Joe to help me set a vision, move forward with a clearer direction, and unlock my true potential.  Joe also really helped me figure out who I really am and how important it is to always stick to my values.  I feel rejuvenated, motivated and excited to have my mojo back!  Thanks Joe!  I can’t wait for our next session! “

“I started working with Joe as a coach about one year into launching a ‘side’ business, while balancing an executive-level full time job and a young family. Joe helps keep me focused on what is going well, and helps me break down complex problems into small goals.  He’s encouraging, but he challenges me to think differently about possibilities. I walk away from every interaction with new perspective.”  

“Joe Fetzer is a coach in the truest sense of the word; he recognizes that it isn’t his job do my work for me so, better yet, he empowers me through questions, guidance, and mentorship.  Joe has helped me grow my business by asking the tough questions that we all need to face, providing encouragement to take a step that seemed too large to take on my own and by celebrating with me when everything came together.  In my opinion, a coach’s job is to help me to see the things I am missing and the areas I need to improve so that I can attain my goals; this is exactly what Coach Joe does for me!  Thank you Coach Joe!”

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The world’s most successful people all share a commonality – they continue to seek professional coaching in some capacity.  A qualified life coach can be an important asset in all stages of life.  Working together to achieve your goals personally, professionally, or as a part of your team is MotoCoaching’s expertise.  MotoCoaching provides the following coaching services, just to name a few.  Schedule a free consultation to find more ways Coach Joe can help pave the way to your success!

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